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  • Triple Stack Lines in Parallel  Auto Brick Stack Robots

Triple Stack Lines in Parallel Auto Brick Stack Robots

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Triple Stack Lines in Parallel  Auto Brick Stack Robots

1. Brief introduction

Triple Stack Lines in Parallel receive the green bricks from brick cutter. Then the three auto lines transfer, turnover, gap the bricks according to the requirements of stack type for the kilns. The triple stack lines are in parallel arranged, which greatly improve the capacity and reliability of the system. The three lines could be controlled together or independently. The whole process is controlled by PLC and could be remote controlled. This line is applied for modern automatic brick plant.

The stack lines consist of three billet turnover and group machines, three stack robots, PLC control system, conveyor belts, etc.

2. Main features:
  • Fully automatic, high output, high efficiency.
  • Reliable, flexible, easy operation.
  • The line could be single, twin or triple paralleling arranged.
  • Robot grab could be gap or no-gap.
  • The billet could be turnover 90 degree or non.
  • Applicable to different sizes of bricks.
  • Applicable to customer’s different stack type.
  • High efficiency, save manual cost.

3. Main parameters:


Triple Stack Lines in Parallel Auto Brick Stack Robots

Robot Model

500kg, 700kg, 900kg

Robot number3


Work frequency

(200-300)*2 times/hour


13400-36720 pcs/hour

Stack type

4X9, 6X18

Total power

(25~39+20.7) x 3

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