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Engineering Design


1. Capacity design -Cannikin law: front larger, tail smaller

The front process equipment shall have larger output than the tail process equipment.
Raw material process > brick shaping & cutting > kilns
In this way, we could avoid some bottleneck factors restricting the whole line’s production capacity and guarantee the designed & expected production capacity and smooth engineering.

  • Overall layout:
Including raw materials storage, production workshop, finished stacking, office and living facilities, gardening and road lighting and other facilities.
  • Process development:
Including raw material processing (crushing, aging), bricks shaping, kiln process, unloading bricks, packaging, etc.
  • Ancillary equipment selection:

According to production technology to select matching equipment like kilns, operating equipment, electronic control systems, workshop, etc.

2.Tailor design to customer’s specific conditions

  • Rotary tunnel kilns with lower investment, low manual, lower energy consumption, and higher automation;
  • Two steps baking rack loading and unloading technology especially for high end hollow thin wall bricks production;
  • One and a half stack drying and firing technology especially for big moisture green bricks, made from raw materials like wasted soil or life sludge;
  • One time stack drying and firing technology for low moisture green bricks made from coal gangue, shale. Simplify the production process, reduced manual work, improved working efficiency and automation level, and reduced the production cost.

3. Raw material refinement-Finer, Uniform
Different raw materials and different bricks require different grain sizes. The general principle is the finer, the better plasticity and adaptability.
Refine raw materials refers to chunks raw material broken by the impact of bigger crusher, then the raw material powder separated into fine material and returned material. The returned materials will be refined by fast hammer crusher.

Pay high attention to raw materials’ fine, even distribution, grinding treatment- uniform treatment
The raw materials are evenly distributed in proportion by electric metering device, with automatic adding water function. The evenly distributed raw materials then were transfer to aging house, and the grains will become moist, evacuation and stable via aging process, which will improve the bricks shaping performance, drying performance and firing performance and improving finished bricks quality.

4. Fire technology-Kiln structure
Hollow thin wall bricks production requires low temperature, slow drying, smooth air flow, and fast baking. So the kilns recommended are 3 drying kilns and 1 baking kiln.

5. Fire technology-Green bricks stack type
In fire technology of brick making, 70% depends on the green bricks stack and 30% depends on the fires.
Reasonable brick stacking could make the hot air flow evenly circulated in the kilns, greatly improving the bricks quality.

6. Large-scale economy

High output design, save investment, easy operation and maintenance.

7. Turnkey solution provider
Automatic equipment, robot stacking green bricks, automatic unloading bricks machine, automatic pallet machine, automatic PLC control system…
Bricmaker provides you turnkey brick plant solution, one stop service and maintain spare parts supermarket. All our job is to ensure the smooth flow of the brick production process, ensure the product quality and capacity achieving economies of scale, reducing energy consumption, improving efficiency, and more convenient for the operator's management practices.