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Equipment Selection

When selecting equipment supplier, the reliability, strong technology, after sales services are the main factors you must consider as well as the price.

You have 6 reasons to choose our equipment for your brick plant:

1. Reliability
Our equipment is more stable and reliable in same time period compared with market product due to below reasons:
a. Material: gearbox’ gear adopt 20 Cr-Mn alloy, which improves the wear resistance and also ensure the toughness.
b. Accuracy: forging machining →thermal refining →finish machining →carburizing → gear grinding, our equipment parts are processed with high accuracy, which greatly improved the lifespan of 5-10 times.
c. Strength: fully considering the impact of brick equipment during production, so the design protection factor is 1-2 times.
d. Scientific and reasonable structure design: such as extruders extrusion axial force transmitted through the bearing sleeve to thrust roller bearings, and then spread to the base unit, making extrusion machine spindle without axial force, only radial force.

2. Easy operation: 

After short period of training, brick factory workers could easily handle the machine’s operation.

3. Cost effective:

Fully considering energy-efficient factor, how to invest in the same premise, maximizing increase productivity while reducing energy and other production costs.

4. Advanced technology:  

Adopt Spanish auger wearing with longer lifespan and high cost effective; adopt robot stack green bricks with high reliability, flexibility and simple. Automatic equipment like computer temperature control, unload brick machine, automatic packing machine, etc 

5. Professional overseas services:

The ability of supplier’s after sales service, strong and efficient service system are very important for you to choose the brick equipment. By timely response, professional overseas engineers team, localized engineers, one stop problem solving, Bricmaker is your reliable partner of your brick factory.

6. Wide product ranges: 

Different production process need different equipment configuration. No omnipotent for all customers. We have different equipment options suitable for different raw materials, different brick types, different stack method, different auger, different screw distance, different rotation, different electric current and different output.