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History of Bricmaker

  • In 1950S Zhejiang Construction Materials Plant (state-owned) was set up and produced bricks and tiles for buildings construction.
  • In 1980S Zhejiang Construction Materials Plant set up Xiaoshan Brick and Tile Machinery Factory.
  • In 1995 First model of JKR45/40 Vacuum Extruder was developed.
  • In 1999 Xiaoshan Brick and Tile Machinery Factory was renamed as Hangzhou Xiaoshan Xiehe Brick & Tile Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • In 2007 Zhejiang Xiehe Brick & Tile Machinery Institute was established.
  • In 2008 The concept of bricks and tiles machines supermarket was established, entering a fast development stage: an experts group especially for automatic Cutting-Grouping-Stacking system R&D was set up; imported U.S. advanced technology; R&D first set model of JY75C-4.0 Hard-plastic Double-Stage Vacuum Extruder was developed; Expanded brick machines production scope; moved the factory to Industrial Park.
  • In 2009 Imported international top FANUC robot of Japanese, matched with advanced SEW motor reducer & SIEMENS PLC electrical automation control system of German, China first-class fully automatic Cutting-Grouping-Stacking system was born and successfully entered domestic market, leading the direction of intelligent and fully automatic brick making plant.
  • In 2010 Imported Italy advanced technology, China domestic most efficient model of JKY75/65E-4.0 Hard-Plastic Double-Stage Vacuum Extruder was born, rapidly squeezing into the leading position in China brick extruders market.
  • In 2011 By independently R&D, Strong-Mixing Extruder model of SJ400x46, Roller Crusher model of GS120x100, Hammer Crusher model of PCX1210 and a series of raw materials processing equipment with lower energy, higher efficiency and reliable quality, were developed and entered the brick machinery market, furtherly guaranteed the company's high end market position.
  • In 2012 Continuously imported Spanish brick making advanced technologies, combined with self innovation, the company improved its brick making machines with higher stability, higher efficiency, lower energy, and became the leader of Chinese brick making machinery. Started intelligent plant building and introduced national demonstration project with excellent price.
  • In 2013 United with Zhejiang University, set up Zhejiang University – BricMaker Intelligent Brick & Tile Machinery R&D Center.
  • In 2014 BricMaker Modernized & Intelligent workshop formally started operating, higher quality products, service, technology and management supported excellent demonstration project, BricMaker became the leader of enterprises.
  • In 2016 Entered Vietnam market and set up branch company there for international marketing and aftersales service.
  • In 2018 Rotary tunnel kiln project entered Vietnam & Laos market and started running.
  • In 2020 Successfully independent R&D JKY80/70-4.0 Hard-Plastic Double-Stage Vacuum Extruder, kept ahead of market congeneric products.