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Suzhou Bricmaker Automation Co., Ltd is an integrative solution provider of clay brick production lines. We have provided automatic brick making factories with overall layout design, raw materials analysis, production technology process design, brick making equipment production, firing kilns design and production, brick factory infrastructure guide, brick making equipment installation and commission, brick making plant maintenance and repair, old manual bricks factory modernization, etc.

Bricmaker has full ranges of brick making equipment: brick’s raw materials crushing machines, materials mixing and feeding machines, brick vacuum extruders, green bricks automatic cutters, green bricks automatic grouping and stacking machines, bricks firing kilns, kilns refractory heat insulation materials, fired bricks stack and pallet machines, etc.

Up to now, over 1000 brick making production lines were set up by Bricmaker in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Uzbekistan, etc. By intimate participation and expert services, Bricmaker guarantees brick factory customers’ projects with lower production cost, environmental protection, energy saving, high automation level, and cleaning demonstration, improving their market competitiveness and making the brick factory operating more easily.