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  • Bridge Type Multi Bucket Excavator Aging Warehouse Equipment

Bridge Type Multi Bucket Excavator Aging Warehouse Equipment

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Bridge Type Multi Bucket Excavator Aging Warehouse Equipment

1. Brief introduction:

The bridge type multi bucket excavator, due to its appearance resembling a bridge, has a horizontal steel support that is like a bridge above the aging warehouse, and a longitudinal running track set above the walls on both sides of the aging warehouse. The bridge type multi bucket excavator does not occupy the ground area of the aging silo, and the aging materials are stacked in a rectangular shape inside the silo, fully and effectively utilizing the building area of the silo. The hourly loading capacity of the bridge type multi bucket excavator can reach 120 m³, further improved material retrieval efficiency.

The combination of mobile reversing distribution machine and bridge type multi bucket excavator is the most scientific and reasonable material excavating method. The raw materials are fed in longitudinal direction, distributed in transverse direction layer by layer. The excavating of raw materials is from up and down in the vertical direction of the cross section of the aging warehouse. This aging technology could improve the brick raw materials uniform and perfect particle mixture to the maximum. It is especially essential for new high end big blocks product made from shale, river silt, coal gangue, fly ash, etc complicated raw materials.

The bridge type multi bucket reclaimer is a continuous reclaiming equipment that uses multiple buckets to collect bulk materials. The horizontal distribution machine evenly distributes materials in layers. The bridge type multi bucket reclaimer has a 45 ° end face for reclaiming materials, making the raw material grading more reasonable. The aging tank is a box structure, which has a better aging effect. Widely applicable to high-end sintered blocks, and also widely used for fixed site material collection, saving storage space. The fully automatic unmanned half bridge reclaimer is an intelligent control system added to the bridge multi bucket reclaimer.

2. Main technical parameters:




120 m³/h

Applicable warehouse

Warehouse width 20m, height 7m

Unit Volume

112 m³/m

3. Working Principles:

The basic working principle of multi buckets excavator is that there installed a bucket at a certain distance on the edge of an endless chain or wheel frame. During operation, the bucket moves with the bucket chain, or the wheel frame rotates and excavates soil from bottom to top on the excavation surface. When the bucket is lifted to the top, the soil is unloaded due to its own weight on a continuous belt conveyor for transportation. To ensure that the motion trajectory of each bucket does not repeat the trajectory of the previous bucket, the machinery needs to run or rotate at a constant speed during operation, so that the motion trajectory of the bucket is a combination of the motion of the bucket chain or bucket wheel and the operation or rotation of the machinery.

A multi bucket excavator is a device used to excavate primary and secondary clay or to excavate aged mud from an aging warehouse. It is composed of excavation, walking, lifting, conveying and other mechanisms. During the walking process of the equipment, multiple small capacity buckets fixed on the chain continuously rotate, digging clay or mud into the bucket, and then pouring it onto the tape conveyor to transport it away. After excavating for a certain distance, the stick lowers to ensure that the bucket has a certain excavation depth. The inclination angle of the multi bucket excavator can reach 50 °, the excavation depth is 2.5-12m, and the output is 20-80m3/h. According to the excavation direction, there are three types: upward, downward, and two-way. The multi bucket excavators used in brick and tile factories in the aging warehouse are generally rail type. The multi bucket excavator cuts raw materials into fragments in the form of planning and can achieve good homogenization of different layers of raw materials.

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