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  • 500KG/800KG Yaskawa Stack Robot Green Brick Auto Stack Robot

500KG/800KG Yaskawa Stack Robot Green Brick Auto Stack Robot

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500KG/800KG Yaskawa Stack Robot Green Brick Auto Stack Robot

Brief introduction:

The Yaskawa robot is the most advanced intelligent green brick laying robot. It is flexible, efficient, stable and has a large capacity. Integrating high-quality components and reasonable design, Bricmaker stacker robot is stable, safe and has a low failure rate.

Bricmaker offers two Yaskawa robot models with two payload options: 5000 kg and 800 kg. The controller is integrated and mounted on the robot base, requires no connection cables and is easy to set up. The robot's mechanical wrist is hollow to prevent the mechanical impact of the robot's cables. The Bricmaker robot is equipped with the latest intelligence and one of the most powerful controllers R-J3IC.
To keep up with the world's most advanced technology, Bricmaker integrated German SEW gearmotors, servomotors, Japanese SMC pneumatic components and an Italian Magodi synchronous belt with a Kawasaki robot. It helps our brick producing customers to build reliable, efficient and fully automated brick factories.

Main technical parameters:




Loading capacity



Stacking capacity

32-84 pcs/time

72-144 pcs/time

Motion frequency

240-360 times/h

200-300 times/h

Production capacity

9600-25200 pcs/h

20700-34560 pcs/h

Control axis numbers




16.7 kw




2550 kg

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Working video:

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