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What We Offer

Compressed air dryer

Vacuum Extruder

We have series of vacuum extruders to meet different capacity requirements from 8,000-60,000 pcs bricks/hour. They are designed with advanced import technologies and the main wear parts are made of superior quality durable materials. 

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Compressed air filter

Auto Cutting Grouping Robot Stacking System

Fully automatic cutting, group and robot system is a most cost-effective investment for modernized brick factories. We have series of models to meet different output, stacking types, brick sizes requirements. It greatly reduces the manual cost, and improves brick quality consistency and efficiency.

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Moisture water separator

Rotary Tunnel Kiln

Rotary tunnel kiln, also called movable tunnel kiln, is a most advanced and automatic fire kilns of red bricks. The drying, preheating, firing, cooling processes are distributed on an annular track with diameter of 80-120m. The whole firing processes could by integrated operated by PLC control.

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