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What is a tunnel kiln? Continuous working kiln shaped like a tunnel. It is composed of kiln tunnel, fuel-burning equipment (device), ventilation equipment, conveying equipment and electric control instruments. The green brick stacker enters from one end in sequence, and exits from the other end after the three zones of preheating, firing and cooling.

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The air flow is opposite to the running direction of the kiln car of green brick stacker. The smoke system (after purification) is discharged into the atmosphere. After the cold air entering into the kiln from the end of the cooling zone cools the product, it is preheated and can be used as combustion air or drawn out as a drying medium. There is no heat storage loss on the kiln wall and roof (due to stable heat transfer). Its main advantages are: lower heat consumption, higher output, more stable quality, better working conditions, and easier mechanization and automation. However, a tunnel kiln with an excessively higher height has a big temperature difference between the upper and lower sides, which will affect the product quality and prolong the firing time.

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Brand BricMaker
Function Kiln for brick drying & firing
Raw Material Coal, Heavy duty oil, Gas
Working Principle Internal/External burning and drying
Warranty 2 Years
After Service Life Long Service

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Internal Height





Burnup (10000pcs)



Working Principle

The working system of the tunnel kiln mainly refers to the movement route of the air in the kiln, including air supplying system, smoke exhausting system, and wasting heat utilization system. The thermal system of the tunnel kiln refers to the temperature distribution along the length of the kiln, the pressure distribution curve and the atmosphere requirements of each zone. The thermal system is determined by the process requirements of product heating. In order to ensure the realization of the thermal system, a suitable working system must be available, which also determines the structure of the kiln body, auxiliary equipment and pipeline layout. Therefore, whether the working system is reasonable or not directly affects the tunnel kiln operation management, output, quality and energy consumption.

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