Spiral Stone Removal Roller

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Spiral stone removal machine is a raw material stone removal equipment in brick and tile production industry. It can effectively rolling and kneading the materials between the two rollers. The crushed material enters the conveyor belt from below, and the stones are discharged through the stone discharge port to achieve the effect of removing stones in the mud.

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The surface of the spiral roller sleeve of this machine is coated with wear-resistant material, with higher surface hardness, better wear resistance, stronger stone removal effect, and lower power consumption.

It is especially suitable for the raw materials which below medium-hardness (Platins hardness 4-5), such as mountain mud and construction soil coarse crushing and stone removal.

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Brand BricMaker
Function Initiatory crushing and stone removal
Raw Material Clay, Soil, Mud, Shale, Coal, Ash, Gangue
Working Principle Spiral removal stone
Warranty 1 Years
After Service Life Long Service

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Working Principle

The machine consists of a combination of wall panel, roller assembly, hopper and power transmission system. After the two motors started, two sets of belts with different speed ratios are used to drive the rollers to rotate at a relatively high speed, thus rolling and crushing the materials entering the gap between the two rollers into the conveyor belt from the bottom, and the stones are discharged through the outlet to achieve the effect of removing stones from the mud.

Operation and Maintenance

a) Before the equipment is put into use, all fasteners should be carefully inspected and there should be no loosening or missing parts. Check for stoppers between rotating parts.

b) Check the same before starting. The motor can be put into load operation for a period of time without load (≥30 minutes). Each restart shall be started without load and put into load operation after entering the rated speed.

c) Due to the non-uniformity of materials, the vibration of the equipment will cause the loosening of fasteners, so it must be checked frequently.

d) During the lubrication of the equipment, the rolling bearing has been injected with the complex calcium base grease (2fg-1) at one time during the final assembly. Generally, the lubricating grease shall be replaced or supplemented within 10 ~ 20 days after operation.

e) If the two rollers surface wear, it should be timely welding wear-resistant materials.

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