Crushing of raw materials for clay brick factory

In the sintering brick production processes, the raw materials crushing equipment widely adopts two types: counter rolling crusher and hammer crusher. Normally, counter rolling crusher equipment need to configure with multi-stages counter roll crushers, realizing coarse, medium and fine three stages crushing, to meet the requirement of high output and fineness. In the production process, the counter roller crusher has good adaptability to the types of raw materials and high crushing capacity, and even if the moisture content reaches about 20%, it has little impact on the capacity and fineness. However, the application of three stages of coarse, medium and fine crushing increases the crushing processes and improves the difficulty of production management. Besides, rollers gap will become bigger after the surfaces is worn, thus the output size becomes bigger and coarser. So the roller surfaces shall be repaired in time, which is the shortage of counter roller crushers applied in practice. When adopt hammer crusher, the normal raw material treatment process is single stage hammer crusher plus rotary screen. The allowed moisture content of raw materials into the hammer crusher is less than 8%, otherwise, it is easy to block materials.

The parameters of hammer crusher like main shaft rotation speed, rotation diameter, number of hammer heads, hardness of hammer head, clearance between hammer heads and lining plates, number of grate plates, and etc, have great impacts on crushing capacity, and powder ration after the screen. In modification of sintered brick factory technologies, for the treatment of the same materials, the selection of crushing equipment is determined by the moisture content of the raw materials. For raw materials with high natural moisture content, it is recommended to use counter rolling crushing equipment; for raw materials whose moisture content can be controlled within 10% and with small fluctuation of moisture content, it is recommended to use single-stage hammer crusher and rotary screen.

To satisfy different raw materials with different processing requirements, we BricMaker R&D, manufacturing new type of double stage/rotor hammer crusher, which could be used for higher water ratio shale or mountain soil materials crushing. This type model crusher already widely used in China domestic market and Vietnam clay brick factories, with higher quality of raw materials processing and capacity.

Double rotor hammer crusher

Post time: Oct-01-2021