2021 New trends of China Brick & Tile Industry

1. The development trends of Brick & Tile industry under the trend of 5G era and industry

Driven by the 5G era, 4.0 industry and epidemic situation, the world industry will undergo essential changes, and the brick and tile industry is no exception. Nb-iot technology incorporated into 5G and R16 standards can reduce manual intervention, timely collect production data, reasonably arrange production plans, greatly reduce production line personnel, greatly improve operation automation efficiency, automatic error correction and error prevention capacity, and significantly improve per capita output efficiency.

2. Change from resource consumption to solid waste treatment, ecological building materials

Sintering various wall and roof materials with solid waste has become the main development trend, and its economic and social benefits are very optimistic. At present, using industrial tailings to produce sintered bricks has become a new topic. Solid waste sintered bricks have solved more than 60% of the annual production of solid waste in China. Promote the development of green and intelligent brick factories, transform and upgrade from clay bricks and tiles to wall and roof materials, abandon old traditional clay sintered bricks, change from resource consumption to solid waste utilization, promote and develop sintered thermal insulation blocks, promote recycling and ecological balance, and start ecological building materials from here.

3. Transition of ecological building materials from production of fragmented building materials to partial building materials

The only way for sintered products is to develop from ordinary brick, load-bearing perforated brick, sintered hollow block and finally to plate. According to the development of building equipments, the green intelligent clay brick factory is no longer a single way of selling bricks, but is transformed and upgraded to the mode of selling wallboards, and takes the development path of green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing.

4. Summary

Spread digital technology and artificial intelligence, and constantly meet the deep and high-end needs of the brick and tile industry. ‘Solid waste treatment and ecological building materials’ have brought us huge business opportunities.

Post time: Aug-29-2021