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The jaw crusher is a curved extrusion type. Its working principle is that the motor drives the belt and pulley, and the movable jaw moves up and down through the eccentric shaft.

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When the movable jaw rises, the angle between the toggle plate and the movable jaw increases, thereby pushing the movable jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate, and at the same time the material is crushed or chopped to achieve the purpose of crushing.

This series jaw crusher is mainly used for industrial crushing and fine crushing of various hard ores and rocks in industrial sectors such as bricks and tiles, metallurgy, mining, chemicals, cement, construction, refractories and ceramics.

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Brand BricMaker
Function Raw materials initiatory crushing
Raw Material Clay, Soil, Mud, Shale, Coal, Ash, Gangue
Working Principle Crushing
Warranty 1 Years
After Service Life Long Service

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≤ 425


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Working Principle

When the motor rotates the eccentric shaft through the belt, the vertical link moves up and down. When the vertical link is up, it drives the two brackets to gradually flatten. The brackets force the movable jaw plate to advance to the fixed jaw plate, and the crushing cavity (the space composed of fixed jaws and movable jaws) is crushed by squeezing, splitting and buckling. The vertical link moves downwards, the toggle plate and the movable jaw plate are moved backward by the force of the spring and the tie rod. At this time, the ore discharge opening is enlarged, and the broken ore is discharged therefrom. It can be seen that the jaw crusher breaks the ore intermittently. The eccentric shaft only has half a cycle for crushing per revolution, and the latter half cycle is used for ore discharge. Therefore, compared with other continuous crushing machines, it has larger power consumption and lower mechanical efficiency.

Product Features

a) Deep crushing cavity and no dead zone, improve feed capacity and output. With higher crushing ratio and the final product size is uniform.

b) The gasket-type discharge opening adjustment device is reliable and convenient, and has a large adjustment range, which increases the flexibility of the equipment.

c) Lubrication system is safe and reliable, parts are easy to replace, and equipment maintenance is simple.

d) Equipment energy saving: 15-30% energy saving for single machine, more than double energy saving for system.

e) Large adjustment range of discharge port, can meet the requirements of different users.

f) Simple structure, reliable work and low operating costs. Lower noise and less dust.

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