Huzhou Shuanghong Project Description

The raw materials of this project are complex. Four raw materials of shale, coal gangue, cinder and clay are mixed to make bricks. They are fed separately through four box feeders, and they are crushed by hammering at the same time. Then they are screened by two rolling screens and the coarse materials returned into hammer crusher for secondary crushing. The fine materials enter into double shaft mixer and mixing with water, and then are sent to the aging warehouse through the conveyor belt. The raw materials are aged in the aging warehouse and enter into brick making workshop. After being crushed by double roller crusher again, then enter into mixer and water mixing, and finally transferred into double stage vacuum extruder, the mud strips are extruded by vacuum extruder and then cutting strips & billets for grouping, 2 robots stacking on kiln car.

This project is a typical process for making bricks by processing multiple raw materials. Four kinds of raw materials are crushed and aged to make bricks. The process is simple and the investment cost is low. The ageing warehouse is a one-way fetching warehouse for hydraulic multi-bucket excavators. It occupies a small area and has higher applicability to projects with restricted terrain.

The project tunnel kiln with cross-section of 7.2m, one tunnel for baking and one for burning, with an annual output of 160-180 million pieces (equivalent to Chinese standard bricks).

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Post time: Apr-26-2021