Cixi Longteng Project Description

This clay brick project used a typical brick making engineering process with two main and auxiliary materials. The main material is silt, which is rubbed by double rollers crusher after stone removal, and the auxiliary material is construction waste, which is sieved after hammer crushing, and the two materials are mixed and for aging. At the same time, the project adopts one and half green brick stacking and for firing technology, the green bricks are first stacked by a robot to the kiln car for 7 layers, and then enter the drying room for drying through green brick storage line. After drying completed, green brick will be stacked again from 7-layer to 14-layer and after that enter into firing kiln for sintering.

The aging warehouse of the project adopts a bridge-type multi-bucket excavator, which has the characteristics of good aging effect of raw materials, bigger amount of aging inventory, and more reasonable material extraction by the excavator. The brick machine has a high degree of automation after extruding the mud sticks. Using two robots to stack 7-layer green brick. And duo to one and half green brick stacking and for firing technology, the kiln car has  higher volume of green brick, higher kiln output and quality of sintered products.

The project tunnel kiln with cross-section of 3.7m, six tunnels for baking and three tunnels for burning, with an annual output of 150-200 million pieces (equivalent to Chinese standard bricks).


Post time: Apr-26-2021